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Presentation of the new collection

Presentation of a new collection from the Italian designer Ian Griffiths.
Creating a collection, the designer was inspired by the history of the great Yusupov family. Initially, the presentation of the collection was supposed to take place in the Yusupov Palace, but the coronavirus made its own adjustments.
Therefore, it was decided to make a chamber event in the Max Mara boutique for regular customers. For the guests, we have prepared a fascinating lecture about the Yusupov family from the art critic and chief curator of the Yusupov Palace. The lecturer not only told historical information about the Yusupovs, but also drew a parallel between the images of the collection, details, and personalities that directly inspired the designer.

The atmosphere in the boutique conveyed the spirit of the collection: guests were greeted by a perfume bar where they could create an individual perfume, from fragrances that echoed the collection.

A pleasant note was the invited calligrapher, who signed each bottle of perfume with the initials of the guest.

And finally, all the guests were expected to have a tea party in the best traditions of the noble society: porcelain dishes, author's desserts and all this in a pleasant atmosphere of friendly communication.
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