Комплексная реализация мероприятий «под ключ»

Private Anniversary

An event, for a private client, in honor of his anniversary.

A new Loft Hall space was chosen as the venue, which opened in the building of the former Arsenal factory. An unusual place, an original design, many halls and the opportunity to create any concept.

The space was divided into three zones: welcome, dinner and a concert in the style of "quartermaster". The halls were isolated from each other so that the guests, getting into one hall, did not know what was waiting for them next.. Thus, the intrigue persisted throughout the evening. The guests moved from one space to another, each time getting into a new atmosphere.

The central action was an immersive dinner. The takeout was accompanied by small theatrical performances in which the guests learned the personality and character of the birthday boy.

The main surprise was the performance of A.Rosenbaum. And the bright finale is a concert from the fashionable Musi Totibadze.
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