Wawelberg Hotel

The official opening of a 5* hotel in St. Petersburg.

The landmark opening of the new five-star Wawelberg Hotel on Nevsky Prospekt for the city.

The main theme of the evening was an exhibition based on historical photos and documents. The historical archive was shown in a modern format: audio and video installations, design of stands with internal light, which made the stands almost weightless in the historical hall.

The highlight of the evening was a video projection in which the history of the place, the building, the characters came to life right under the feet of the guests.
The purple color was used in the decorations and stylistics of the evening, as a reference to the charoite stone, which is used in the interiors of the hotel.

A surprise for the guests was the performance of Denis Matsuev, who specially flew in for a couple of hours to congratulate the hotel team on an important event.

The special guest of the event was the Governor of St. Petersburg.
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